Rhythmic is our grace
I need your help! I first saw this image almost 6 years ago, i loved it and totally forgot about it. Today I saw it on my Fb while I was going through my old posts and here’s my problem: I can’t find it in high quality, I don’t know who made it or where it is from. I just couldn’t find anything about this beautiful image. Has anyone seen it before?
Happy birthday! Wishing you perfect splits and stag leaps <3

you’re too lovely omg thank you!!!

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today is my bday so yeah happy bday to me



I don’t take any credit, but I love this gif so much.

beautiful things require effort and disappointment.

Irina Risenson
Photo Credit: Peter Weber
love the son yeon jae gif! i'm a huge fan of her as well ^^

She’s lovely, I adore her *-* and thank you <3

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Did a digital painting based off this photo of Alina :)

There are a few scenes of Rhythmic Gymnastics on taylor Swift’s new video, ‘Shake It Off’, just saying

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