The effort behind the perfection. Into the strenght. In the flexibility. In the grace. In the action! More important than physical skill is mental perseverance. Hard work creates moves, shapes, charms! But the greatest reward is the beauty from pain.

Credits to Tom Theobald
Credits to Tom Theobald

Anonymous asked: I like Alina Maksimenko, Son Yeon-jae, Viktoria Mazur, Maria Titova, and Joanna Mitrosz :)

Ahhh that’s a great top5!!!! *u*

Anonymous asked: gimnastbitch reposted one of your Alina Maksymenko edit, i just thought you would like to know since you work on your edits! :) Anyway have a great day btw and keep your awesome blog :)

Thanks a lot for letting me know!!! Cool of you (: Have an wonderful day :D

Photo: Tom Theobald
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Would you send me your Top Fives? (:

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farahgarayeva asked: Yes. Not even coach, but a person whos sits in a sign up room, like a coordinator, she told it's IMPOSSIBLE. but I was doing everything, all exercises, also I work with all elements, like ribbon, ball, etc. But I wanna be really good coach. :)

She’s crazy, okay? Everything’s possible. If you wanna do it, go and do it! Don’t even care about what she says! Prove her it IS possible.

By Olivier Aubrais
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